Georges Rouault

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On the fringes of fauvism, and often relegated to an exotic French variant of expressionism, Georges Rouault (1871 - 1958) remained one of the most singular artists of the 20th century.

His fierce independence and profoundly religious inspiration led him to explore directions in art that were quite personal, and which are clearly reflected in his graphic work, characterized by a forceful use of simplified mass and stark line.

Georges Rouault, Nuptials, etching



from Ambroise Vollard's Réincarnations du Père Ubu

Chapon & Rouault 24c

etching, 1918, a rare proof of the 3rd state (of 4)

Commissioned by Ambroise Vollard to illustrate his ambitious editorial project in honour of Alfred Jarry, this fine print is one of the most graphically powerful of the series.



Georges Rouault, Christ outside the City, etching

Georges Rouault, Wayfarer, etching

Georges Rouault, Christ and the Poor, etching

Christ au Faubourg

Christ outside the City

from André Suarez's Passion

Chapon & Rouault 258a



from André Suarez's Passion

Chapon & Rouault 259a

Christ et Pauvres

Christ and the Poor

from André Suarez's Passion

Chapon & Rouault 262a

three aquatints, 1935, rare working proofs of an early undescribed state of the key plate, printed in blue

The Passion series was one of Rouault's most important suites, its religious themes rendered with great pathos by his trademark use of heavy outline, combined with formally strong tonal fields.

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