Rodolphe Bresdin

Original Prints: Etchings and Lithographs


One of the most excentric printmakers of the 19th century, Rodolphe Bresdin (1822 - 1885) eschewed the dominant academic canons of his day, and elaborated an idiosyncratic  style that combined exhuberant detail in obsessive fantasy. 

Self-taught, he produced a singular graphic oeuvre of more than 150 etchings and lithographs.  Ill known to his contemporaries (and never sucessful in his lifetime), he was the mentor of Odilon Redon, and is now considered an important precursor of symbolism, and even surrealism.

Rodolphe Bresdin, Mon RÍve

Mon RÍve (Version II)

Van Gelder 150; Prťaud 17

etching, 1883, a rare signed impression, on Japon, before letters, and before the sole edition.

Bresdin's last etching, published in L'Art Moderne, is a utopian rendering of the artist's vertiginous vision.

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