Félix Buhot

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Although now rather poorly known outside the circle of print connoisseurs, Félix Buhot (1847 - 1898) approached printmaking with all the refinement of a master craftsman, fully accomplished in the various techniques of his art.

He was also a keen observer of the urban scene, with an eye for atmosphere. Although he spent most of his life in France, Buhot was a confirmed Anglophile (marrying English watercolorist Henry Johnston's daughter in 1882) and a fervent admirer of Whistler.  He unfortunately died quite young, in the throes of a severe depression.

Felix Buhot, L'Hiver à Paris, etching and aquatint, 1879

L'Hiver à Paris or La Neige à Paris

Bourcard-Goodfriend 128

etching, aquatint, and drypoint, 1879, the 2nd-3rd state (of 5, according to Bourcard) or 3rd state of 9, according to Goodfriend, before the published state for L'Art, and the additional text, signed, stamped and annotated by the artist

This stark street scene in Paris graphically depicts various aspects of the arduous winter of 1879, focusing on the place Breda, amidst other distressful scenes


Félix Buhot, etching, Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge or Westminster Clock Tower

Bourcard-Goodfriend 156

etching, aquatint, and drypoint, 1884, the 6th or 7th state (of 8)

This bustling and atmospheric street scene of Victorian London, with Big Ben towering in the background, is one of the artist's best known etchings, here with his trademark "symphonic" margins.

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