Camille Pissarro, Place de la République in Rouen, rain effect, etching

Place de la République à Rouen - Effet de Pluie

Delteil 44, Leymarie & Melot 45

etching with aquatint, 1884, on medium-fine ivory laid paper, a deckle edge on the right, a very fine proof impression of the 2nd state (of two)*, with good margins, traces of an old hinge mount on the reverse, otherwise in very good and fresh condition


P. 125x125mm., S. 168x158mm.

This very impressionistic print from the well-known Rouen series, the first version of a theme that the artist was to treat again later (Delteil 65), is remarkable for the rich greyish tones of the atmospheric effects obtained by a variety of textural processes (including acid wash and sandpapering).

Generally loath to show his graphic work, Pissarro was obviously pleased with this particular piece, as it was one of the seven prints that he included in the 8th impressionist exhibition of May-June 1886.

* It should be remarked that, according to Delteil, this print is quite rare: he notes only one proof of the 1st state and, as regards the 2nd state, initially only five or six impressions, and later twelve impressions that were stamped and numbered before the zinc plate was destroyed. The present impression, unstamped and unnumbered, is apparently a proof from this exceedingly small edition.