Jean-François Millet

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Joining his friend Theodore Rousseau in 1849, Jean-François Millet (1814 - 1875) took up residence at Barbizon, a village in the Fontainebleau forest to the south of Paris, and never left.

Living there in near poverty, he developed the simple everyday scenes of the countryside in forceful compositions. His graphic work, while not extensive, is one of the most evocative of the 19th century.

Jean-François Millet, The Porridge, etching

La Bouillie

The Porridge

Delteil 17, Melot 17

etching, 1861, the 3rd state (of 5), a very fine proof impression before letters

Millet's steadfast devotion to rural life is here exemplified in this intimate vision of mother and child, treated with all the classical simplicity of a Renaissance madonna.


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