James Ensor

Original Prints: Etchings


Although a member of Octave Maus's movement, the Groupe des XX, and later the Libre Esthétique, James Ensor (1860 - 1949) remained a highly singular artist, marked by the obsessive themes of death and desire.

Spanning a half century, his etchings drew abundantly on the great grotesque genres of earlier Flemish art while opening the way to later avant-garde manifestations, such as expressionism and surrealism.


James Ensor, The Deadly Sins dominated by Death, etching

Les Péchés Capitaux dominés par la Mort, frontispice

The Deadly Sins dominated by Death, frontispiece

Delteil 126, Taevernier 126, Elesh 131

etching, 1904, the only known state

This small print encapsulates Ensor's fascination with human foibles under the macabre eye and outspread wings of a grinning death's head.

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