Marcellin Desboutin

Original Prints: Drypoint Engravings


Although not exceedingly well-known today, Marcellin Desboutin (1822 - 1902) was an accomplished printmaker, with a clear penchant for the lively line and the velvety burr of drypoint portraiture.

A flamboyantly Bohemian aristocrat, an intimate friend of both Manet and Degas, he appears in a number of their works and conversely left us quite a few images of his fellow artists, as well as a number of self-portraits.


Marcellin Desboutin, Man with a Pipe, drypoint

L'Homme à la Pipe

Man with a Pipe

Clément-Janin 67

drypoint, 1879, the extremely rare second state (as annotated by the artist), dedicated to Roger-Milès, and signed in Conté crayon by the artist.

This is Desboutin's most renowned self-portrait, in a fine impression of an early state of this remarkable print.


Marcellin Desboutin, Smoker in a Large Hat, drypoint

Fumeur au Grand Chapeau

Smoker in a Large Hat

Clément-Janin 71

drypoint, 1888, an undetermined state (of three?), dedicated and signed by the artist

This masterful self-portrait of the artist combines the aesthetics of "realistic" impressionism with Rembranesque introspection.

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