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Dada, Surrealist and Modern Books

Antonin ARTAUD

Antonin Artaud, Les Tarahumaras, 1955

Artaud, Antonin

Les Tarahumaras, éditions l'Arbalete, Marc Barbezat, Décines (Isère), 1955, 208 pp. 

First edition, printed on Arches laid paper (with the L'Arbalete watermark), in original glassine wraps, in excellent condition, like new, the pages uncut; copy n° 766 (of 5500).

This remarkable book comprises Artaud's account of his visit to northern Mexico (where he took part in the peyote ritual of the Tarahumara indians), along with other texts on the theater, Surrealism & Revolution, various correspondence relating to his Mexican trip, and more...

André BRETON, Paul ELUARD, et al.

Dictionnaire Abrégé du Surréalisme, Yves Tanguy cover

Breton, André, Eluard, Paul, et al.

Dictionnaire Abrégé du Surréalisme, Galerie Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1938, 76 pp.

First edition.  This rare book, in original glassine wraps, is in very good condition, with a few minor defects to the cover and spine, and slight light-staining at the edges; the present copy is complete with the rare 8-page booklet of the accompanying exhibition that was held at the gallery in January-February 1938.

The 1938 Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme, with the famous series of lavishly decorated mannequins and Marcel Duchamp's 1200 sacks of coal suspended from the ceiling of the gallery, was arguably one of the most important art exhibitions of the last century, and this collective volume consecrated the show.

Yves Tanguy's cover drawing for the dictionary is furthermore a remarkable example of surrealist illustration

CAHIERS D'ART(Christian Zervos)

Cahiers d'Art 1936

Cahiers d'Art (Christian Zervos)

Picasso, 1930-1935, éditions Cahiers d'Art, Paris, 1936, 108 pp.

First (and only) edition of this important issue of the celebrated review. 

Spine slightly worn at bottom, otherwise in excellent condition. 

This copy is complete, with the Man Ray portrait of Picasso (frontispiece), the colour lithograph of the Course de Taureau, and the abundant black-and-white illustrations.


Cooper, Picasso Les Déjeuners

Cooper, Douglas, and Picasso, Pablo

Picasso, Les Dejeuners, éditions Cercle d'Art, Paris, 1962, 35 pp. of text, followed by numerous lithographic illustrations

First edition of this large-format illustrated book in homage to Manet, in the original slipcase.

Contents comprise an illustrated text by Douglas Cooper (in French) , and 158 illustrations of the theme of Edouard Manet's Déjeuner sur l'Herbe in full colour and black-and-white by Pablo Picasso, lithographed by Mourlot. 

Slipcase slightly worn, stained, and a few small scuffs along the back; the book itself is in perfect  condition.

Georges HUGNET, et al.

Georges Hugnet, Petite Anthologie Poétique du Surréalisme, 1934

Hugnet, Georges, et al.

Petite Anthologie Poétique du Surréalisme, éditions Jeanne Bucher, Paris, 1934, 166 pp.

First edition (one of 2000 copies, on Alfa Bouffant paper).  

There is some discoloration, wear, and slight scuffing on the cover, spine somewhat yellowed and soiled, with a few small dark spots on the title page, otherwise in very good condition, and complete with the abundant black-and-white illustrations.



Schwitters, Anna Blume, cover, first edition

Schwitters, Kurt

Anna Blume: Dichtungen, Paul Steegemann Verlag, Hannover, 1919 [Wilpert Gühring 1]

First edition of this seminal Dadaist text, with the cover illustration by the artist in two colors.  It is Schwitters's first publication, representing the fragmentation of the narrator's emotional state in parallel with Germany's political and economic collapse after WWI.

There is some discoloration along the top of the cover and  the spine, the spine somewhat worn, affecting the binding of the title page, some yellowing overall, as is usual (given the mediocre quality of the paper), otherwise in very good condition.

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