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Catalogues Raisonnés


Bouvet, Francis. Bonnard, L'Oeuvre Gravé, catalogue complet, preface by Antoine Terrasse, Flammarion, Paris, 1981, 351 pp., cloth.
The French edition of the authoritative catalogue raisonné, profusely illustrated.

Roger-Marx, Claude. Bonnard Lithographe, André Sauret, Editions du Livre, Monte Carlo, 1952, 183 pp., 98 colour plates, in original glassine wraps and slipcase.
The 1st and only edition of the catalogue raisonné of Bonnard's lithographic oeuvre, profusely illustrated with full page lithographed colour reproductions.

Bouillon, Jean-Paul. Félix Bracquemond, le Réalisme Absolu, Oeuvre Gravé 1849-1859, catalogue raisonné, Editions Albert Skira, Geneva, 1987, 231 pp., cloth, dust jacket.
The authoritative catalogue raisonné, profusely illustrated.

Georges BRAQUE
Vallier, Dora. Braque, L'Oeuvre Gravé, catalogue raisonné, Flammarion, Paris, 1982, 319 pp.; cloth.
The French edition of the authoritative catalogue raisonné, profusely illustrated.

Reed, Sue W. & Shapiro, Barbara S. Edgar Degas: the Painter as Printmaker, contributions by Clifford S. Ackley and Roy L. Perkinson, essay by Douglas Druick and Peter Zegers, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, New York Graphic Society, New York, and Little, Brown & Company, Boston, 1984, 272 pp.; cloth, dust jacket.
The most recent, the most analytical, and the most profusely illustrated catalogue raisonné of Degas prints.

Hjert, Bertil et al. Carl Larsson Grafiska Verk: En Complett Katalog, preface by Dr. Hans H. Brummer, Hjert & Hjert, Uppsala, Sweden 1983, 261 pp., cloth.
The authoritative quadrilingual (Swedish, English, German, and French) catalogue raisonné of prints, profusely illustrated.

Man Ray, Objets de mon Affection
, preface by Jean-Hubert Martin, texts by Brigitte Hermann, Rosalind Krauss, and Man Ray, Philippe Sers Editeur, Paris, 1983, 191 pp., cloth, dust jacket.
The complete catalogue raisonné of the objects fabricated by Man Ray, including their editions.

Czwiklitzer, Christophe. Les Affiches de Pablo Picasso, preface by Jean Adhémar, Art-C.C., Basel and Paris, 1970, 360 pp., cloth, dust jacket, n° 997 from the edition of 1000.
The first (and sole) edition of the catalogue raisonné of Picasso's posters, including both the original posters and the reproductions.

Mourlot, Fernand. Picasso Lithographs, Boston Book and Art Publisher, Boston, 1970, 299 pp. + Glossary and Index, cloth, dust jacket.
The English-language single-volume re-edition of Mourlot's earlier 4-volume work (Picasso Lithographe, Monte Carlo 1949-1964), nevertheless complete in terms of both illustration and text. The authoritative catalogue raisonné.

Jacques VILLON
Ginestet, Colette de & Pouillon, Catherine. Jacques Villon, Les Estampes et les Illustrations, catalogue raisonné, Arts et Métiers Graphiques, Paris, 1979, 509 pp., cloth, dust jacket.
The authoritative catalogue raisonné, profusely illustrated.

Feldman, Frayda & Schellmann, Jörg. Andy Warhol Prints, A Catalogue Raisonné, essays by Henry Geldzahler and Roberta Bernstein, R. Feldman Fine Arts, Inc. New York, Editions Schellmann, Munich/New York, and Abbeville Press, New York, 1989, second (expanded) edition, 143 pp., cloth, dust jacket.
The authoritative catalogue raisonné, profusely illustrated.


Rare Surrealist Books

André BRETON, Paul ELUARD, et al.

Breton, André, Eluard, Paul, et al. Dictionnaire Abrégé du Surréalisme, Galerie Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1938, 76 pp., in very fine condition, with a few minor defects to the cover and spine, the present copy complete with the rare 8-page prospectus of the accompanying exhibition held at the gallery in January-February 1938.


The 1938 Exposition Internationale du Surréalisme, with the famous series of lavishly decorated mannequins and Marcel Duchamp's 1200 sacks of coal suspended from the ceiling of the gallery, was arguably one of the most important art exhibitions of the last century, and this collective volume consecrated the show.

Yves Tanguy's famous cover drawing for the dictionary is furthermore a remarkable example of surrealist illustration.




Ernst, Max. Une Semaine de Bonté / ou / Les Sept Elements Capitaux / Roman / Premier Cahier / Dimanche / Element : / La Boue / Exemple : / Le Lion de Belfort, éditions Jeanne Bucher, Paris, 1934

There is some discoloration and slight scuffing and staining on the cover, with 32 pages bound in the volume (all in excellent condition), plus an additional 13 loose sheets (11 printed with the images recto/verso and 2 printed recto only, some of which are doubles of the album itself).

Most of these additional sheets seem to be printer's working proofs, with some smudges, traces of glue, pinholes in the corners, and occasional annotations.

(See illustration, lower right)

This rare composite volume (numbered "Exemplaire N° 30") is a pastiche of 17th-century hermetic treatises on alchemy, using a collage technique that Ernst had already experimented in reassembling turn-of-the-century wood engravings from popular magazines to produce some of the most striking surrealist images of the movement.

It has a renowned provenance, from the library of the French surrealist poet, Paul Eluard (annotated "Exemplaire de Paul Eluard. C.G." inside the cover by the expert Christian Galantaris).