All of the prints exhibited here are original prints, which are works of art printed from the original matrix (metal plate, stone slab, woodblock, etc.) as conceived and executed by the artist.  (See the Glossary of Printmaking Terms in the Appendix for more technical information.)

Dimensions (height by width) are given in millimetres: taken at the platemark for intaglio prints, and the edge of the image surface for relief or planographic prints, with sheet size following.

References to standard catalogues raisonnÚs used in documenting the works are given, and utmost care has been taken in describing both state and condition. Where pertinent, additional information from independent expertise, archival study, library collections, or sales and exhibition catalogues is included.

Restoration: The works are unrestored by ourselves unless otherwise specified. We have restoration facilities available for those who so desire. As a rule however we do not recommend such measures unless the integrity of the work as a whole is in jeopardy.

All works are currently held in private collections, and have all been individually examined. They are for sale, and prices are furnished on request. Works are on view by appointment only; they may be sent for inspection to clients known to us, or under conditions subject to prior agreement.

As regards the possibility of including works on this site, please contact us directly at: